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Theodor Bilharz Research Institute

Innovative Solutions for Emerging Health Problems

Conference Overview Join us at the forefront of innovation in healthcare technology! The Theodor Bilharz Research Institute proudly presents its 60th Anniversary Conference on 'Innovative Solutions for Emerging Health Technology.' Over three enlightening days, we're bringing together experts, researchers, and pioneers from diverse medical fields, encompassing topics from all institute departments. This immersive event will explore groundbreaking advancements, disruptive technologies, and transformative solutions driving the future of healthcare. Experience the synergy of knowledge, innovation, and visionary ideas that promise to shape the healthcare landscape of tomorrow. Main Topics • Innovation in Biotechnology for Therapeutic Advancements. • Innovative Minimally Invasive Surgery. • Recent Technologies in Urologic Procedures. • Updates in Gastroenterology and in Hepatology. • Recent Trends in Management of Prevalent Non-Communicable and Emerging Diseases. • New Concepts of Environmental & Biological Factors that Eliminate Health Problems.

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From top to tip, diclofenac toxicities on experimental rats
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