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This page provides links to helpful resources for your research journey.

Vit Books

It is about veterinary medicine. It discusses a variety of animal species and offers books and other resources for animal owners

Anatomy of mouse

Images of a normal female Swiss mouse have been acquired with a laboratory-based microCT system (nanoScan PET/CT Mediso (Budapest, Hungary) with an operation voltage of 50kVp and a 0,14mm pitch, with an intravenous injection of 2ml of Visipaque (320mg d’I/ml),



Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB)

Scopus Journals index

Scopus Source Browse and Source List


free access to millions of research papers and academic journals


Image formating

Online free photo editor

Online CT viewer

Drag and drop your images to the loading files area to display them on the DICOM viewer.

PDF summarization

artificial intelligence to summarize PDFs of up to 50 MB and 50,000 words for free!

SPSS v20

Statistical Product and Service Solutions, software suite developed by IBM primarily used for data analysis

PDF tools

Every tool you need to use PDFs

Medication information

FDA Medication Guides

This database contains Medication Guides for FDA-approved human prescription drugs and therapeutic biological products

FDA-Approved Drugs

Information about drugs, including biological products, approved for human use in the United States

Egypt Cancer protocol

Index for Egyptian cancer treatment protocols



It is about University of Cairo's Committee on the Ethics of Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in Education and Scientific Research

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