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Clinical Toxicology

Lowest published toxic dose

Amr Adel Elnashar

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The lowest published toxic dose (TDLo) is the smallest amount of a substance that has been shown to cause any toxic effect in a particular animal species. It is typically measured in milligrams of substance per kilogram of body weight. When quoting a TDLo, it is important to specify the animal species and the route of administration (e.g., ingestion, inhalation, or injection).

The TDLo is different from the lethal dose 50 (LD50), which is the dose of a substance that kills 50% of the exposed population. The LD50 is a more severe measure of toxicity, and it is not typically used to set safety standards for human exposure.

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Experimental toxicology

Experimental toxicology, the basic issue part 2

Most industrial chemical exposures occur through the skin or by inhalation. However, these risks can be limited and controlled in the workplace.

Amr Adel Elnashar

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